Sensation and Perception (MindTap for Psychology) by E. Bruce Goldstein

Sensation and Perception (MindTap for Psychology)

Book Title: Sensation and Perception (MindTap for Psychology)

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 130558029X

Author: E. Bruce Goldstein

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E. Bruce Goldstein with Sensation and Perception (MindTap for Psychology)

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E. Bruce Goldstein's SENSATION AND PERCEPTION has helped a myriad of students understand perceptual research and how the results of this research relate to everyday experience. A key strength of this text has always been its ability to illustrate concepts through examples and visuals. Dr. Goldstein and new co-author Dr. James Brockmole take students on an intriguing journey through the senses with both clarity and thoroughness, combining their extensive classroom experience and the most innovative research to create a visual, colorful text. MindTap, the digital learning solution available with the text, features an updated Exploration feature that enhances students grasp of concepts by enabling them to view experimental stimuli, perceptual demonstrations, and short film clips about the research being discussed.