Developing Math Talent by Susan Assouline Ph.D.

Developing Math Talent

Book Title: Developing Math Talent

Publisher: Prufrock Press, Inc.

ISBN: 159363496X

Author: Susan Assouline Ph.D.

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Susan Assouline Ph.D. with Developing Math Talent

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Build student success in math with the only comprehensive guide for developing math talent among advanced learners. The authors, nationally recognized math education experts, offer a focused look at educating gifted and talented students for success in math. More than just a guidebook for educators, this book offers a comprehensive approach to mathematics education for gifted students of elementary or middle school age.

The authors provide concrete suggestions for identifying mathematically talented students, tools for instructional planning, and specific programming approaches. Developing Math Talent features topics such as: strategies for identifying mathematically gifted learners, strategies for advocating for gifted children with math talent, how to design a systematic math education program for gifted students, specific curricula and materials that support success, and teaching strategies and approaches that encourage and challenge gifted learners.